Testimonial #1

Dear Jeff,

We wanted to take a minute to write a thank you letter for building our beautiful new home for us! We could not be happier or more pleased with our home.

From the very first time that we met with you and Susan, we knew that we had found a builder who would work with us and who would value our input into the design and construction of our home. You told us during that meeting that you build homes, not houses, and we couldn't agree more! You took the time to find out about our lifestyle so that our house could meet our needs, now and in the future.

Susan was a wonderful partner throughout the process. She took our input from the initial house plans all the way to the installation of the door hardware. Susan was very detailed in her questions which helped us determine our choices and what items would work for us. She provided us guidance with the myriad of decisions that have to be made when building a house. She worked around our schedules and when we met, she was very respectful of our time. Susan was very patient with us when we disagreed with one another about some issue or decision. We appreciated her calm demeanor which saved us headaches throughout the process.

The support that your staff provided at the building site was superior! There was always someone from Tarter checking on the subcontractors ensuring quality construction. The knowledge the construction staff possesses was invaluable. We would not have known that some issues might have been problematic if not for your staff following up. We appreciated the up-to-date knowledge the staff had about our house. When we called with a question, we received a timely response every time!

The timelines that your staff provided were absolutely accurate and reasonable. We understood each phase of the building process and this provided a great deal of security.

After we took possession of the house, you ensured that all of the "punch list" items were completed. The items that we identified were not questioned, but were addressed in a very professional manner. The guarantee that you provided for the house, also provides us with a great sense of security.

In sum, we will be forever grateful for your dedication to the construction of our home. Everyone who comes to our house is very impressed with the quality of our home, including family in the construction field! Thank you for this wonderful experience and a beautiful home we will enjoy for many, many years to come.

Paul and Mary O.

Testimonial #2

Dear Jeff,

Carlisle and I, and on behalf of our family, thank you and Susan for the fantastic help you all gave us in the transformation of our powder room.

Jeff, you really have a wonderful gal assisting you. Susan was with us every step of the way, and her advice was invaluable. Carlisle says Susan was great with her "hand-holding", understanding how difficult decorating decisions can be. We are also most appreciative that she was one who kept us so well informed with people, schedules, and even if there was a problem. Good communication is essential whatever the project, and we were more than adequately pleased.

The various workers, who participated in our powder room project, were timely, professional, courteous and helpful. Like Susan, Chris is a real asset to your company. He is one who gave us confidence and displayed his competence. Also, we liked his ability to be flexible and overcome obstacles when a particular construction problem was encountered.

All who have seen the powder room are rather overwhelmed with its new appearance. The finished product is indeed a work of art.

Best Regards,
Will and Carlisle M.

Testimonial #3

Dear Jeff,

We are so pleased with our new home, which is possible only because of the time and efforts of the Tarter Team. Your design allowed for a blending of our personal needs, desires and budget within the stringent requirements of the VA and has resulted in a home that meets all of our disability needs as well as our comfort preferences. This is no easy feat as the guidelines and the paperwork requirements your company was willing to take on are huge. We appreciate how closely you worked with our case manager to accomplish this so that all approvals and financial supports were granted in a timely manner. Steve has everything he needs to be independent whether he is in his chair or not and we both love the comfort and look of our home. We have entertained several times and our friends are so comfortable and complimentary also.

It's important that I also mention how respectful the work team was to our needs while here and how attentive to detail they were at every step. They always went out of their way to check on specifications and our desires and to take the best possible care of our personal possessions and space. Co-existing with them was never a problem, which is remarkable! Their skills are apparent as one looks at the results and it was clear that you supported them in doing the best possible job.

We spoke with several other contractors before you agreed to take on our task and most were not interested in taking on the work and the government red tape. We are so happy that happened as it led us to Tarter Builders and we could not be more pleased with the results. We feel that we are living in the home of our dreams and also made new friends. We have highly recommended your company to friends who have similar needs due to disability or aging issues, as well as others who are just looking for a reliable team to provide beautiful solutions to remodeling needs. We especially hope that people who have current or future accessibility concerns will take advantage or your expertise!

Steve and Cindy K.

Testimonial #4

When we built our house in 1995, Jeff was the foreman. He made the building experience a pleasure. He was always accessible and responsive to any questions. He willingly worked with us to incorporate changes we wanted along the way. He and the contractor delivered exactly on the day they said they would. We have built four houses over the last 38 years. This building experience with Jeff was the best we had, and this house is the best-built house we have owned. It still seems like new after 17 years.

Since Jeff opened Tarter Builders, we have worked with him and his team whenever we have done anything to the house. They completed larger projects such as a kitchen remodel and pergola addition. The design expertise of Jeff and Susan, his design/interior project manager, was very valuable; they came up with suggestions and ideas that we would never have thought of. They made sure they worked within our budget to deliver a beautiful result.

One thing that sets Jeff and his team apart is the personal interest, pride and ownership they take in their work. We feel like Jeff and his team are as concerned about the work results being outstanding as we are. We couldn't be happier with the work they have done for us over the last 17 years. We have recommended Tarter Builders to many of our friends; we don't do that unless we are certain what the results will be for them. In every case, the people who work with Jeff are as pleased as we have been.

Ron and Patsy F.

Testimonial #5


Our newly remodeled bathroom is FANTASTIC and has far exceeded our expectations in every way. The space has taken on a whole new dimension, seeming larger and much more functional. Each of the colors works well with each other and blends well into a beautiful space for us. Each part of the space is awesome; the tile is gorgeous, the closet super, the heated floor great, the tub perfect for our needs, the vanity accommodating, and the shower! Wow!

In every way our needs have been met and our expectations far exceeded by the quality of work and the time to completion! The crew was extremely professional and enjoyable to have working in our home. And, the attention to detail and professionalism you showed was exceptional. If, and when, we have another remodeling or construction project we will not consider working with anyone other than you and Tarter Builders!

Thank you for a truly wonderful experience!

Jeff and Kiki W.